The International Mustang Meet

The International Mustang Meet is held annually on the Labour Day Long Weekend.  The location of the Meet alternates between a Canadian and American site each year and is sponsored by a host Mustang Club who belongs to the International.  Member clubs currently hail from Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Great Falls, Helena, Bozeman, Missoula, Boise, and Spokane.  Participants renew old friendships and make new ones by participating in various activities from cruises, poker runs, drag races, and of course, the Show 'n Shine.


The 43rd Annual will be held in Saskatoon, SK in 2022.  

**Rules that guide the voting for the Show and Shine can be found here.**


Previous Host sites

2021 to 2020
2021 Boise, ID
2020 Cancelled
2019 to 2010
2019 Great Falls, MT
2018 Edmonton, AB
2017 Helena, MT
2016 Calgary, AB
2015 Missoula, MT
2014 Vancouver, BC
2013 Bozeman, MT
2012 Winnipeg, MB
2011 Spokane, WA
2010 Red Deer, AB
2009 to 2000
2009 Billings, MT
2008 Saskatoon, SK
2007 Great Falls, MT
2006 Edmonton, AB
2005 Helena, MT
2004 Calgary, AB
2003 Missoula, MT
2002 Vancouver, BC
2001 Bozeman, MT
2000 Saskatoon, SK
1999 to 1990
1999 Cody, WY
1998 Red Deer, AB
1997 Spokane, WA
1996 Regina, SK
1995 Great Falls, MT
1994 Winnipeg, MB
1993 Helena, MT
1992 Edmonton, AB
1991 Spokane, WA
1990 Calgary, AB
1989 to 1980
1989 Billings, MT
1988 Saskatoon, SK
1987 Bozeman, MT
1986 Regina, SK
1985 Great Falls, MT
1984 Edmonton, AB
1983 Missoula, MT
1982 Calgary, AB
1981 Great Falls, MT
1980 Lethbridge, AB